Managing a pub


A pub is above all a casual familiar gathering place — a watering hole. You know the feeling I am trying to describe, right? Yep, managing a pub is all about creating that feeling of a local watering hole. Even for people who have never been there before a sense of welcome and belonging. This hometown welcome feeling is created with good beer and food that is simple and straight forward but very well done. Simple and understated if you will. And those two make it so that an atmosphere of common and shared experiences can create an instant bond of camaraderie.

However; it’s a bit tricky in the financial arena because the expected price of pub fare is low. So the profit margin is typically small which therefore requires making up for low ticket profit margins on volume.

Above all, make it a place that people want to hang out and consume and also keep an eye on the prices then you’ll be great at managing a pub.

If you are doing all of the above and yet still feeling at a loss or challenged, leave a comment and I’ll send you some more tips and direction.

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