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photo credit: Jeffrey Wisdom

The art and science of restaurant designs and layouts are in fact just that both art and science. Most often the science part is forgotten or ignored while all of the focus is on how the restaurant looks. Let’s start with the look or appeal or feeling — the end result of a restaurant design. It often ends up being the taste of the owner, which is obviously important but at the end of the day the goal is to convey a message and not necessarily just the personal taste of one person. Restaurant design and layout can and often does become like a logo in that it is commissioned artwork. And although beautiful, it does not necessarily convey the strength of a restaurant. So for these reasons, it is important to actually outsource the design and layout to a firm that specializes in restaurant design and layout.


After the visual appeal is complete it is also critically important to think about the layout in a critical way. You see there is an important equation to be considered in that one makes money by the number of tables and chairs that are available so it is important to maximize the number of tables and chairs which means minimizing the kitchen and back space. However without adequate kitchen and back space the food and drink won’t come out efficiently. Hence the tricky balance of a critical equation. Additionally, the type of restaurant will dictate the necessary space between tables and chairs. A diner can have tables much closer together than can a fine dining restaurant. But the general rule of thumb is to have 2/3 of the space dedicated to the front of the house or dining room while 1/3 of the space is dedicated to the kitchen and back of the house. Above all, I’d recommend thinking the idea of restaurant and designs layout through from beginning to end and getting the advice of a professional with experience in restaurant layout and design.


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