Courses and Seminars

 Courses and Seminars

Beyond The Plate Course

A 4 week interactive online course to help you improve your business


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Food Business Entrepreneurship Training Academy

The Alameda County SBDC and the Alameda County Community Development Agency offer a free 10-part seminar series on “Running Your Own Food Business” for participants interested to launch and grow food businesses in Alameda County. In this series, you will learn the basics to start and grow your own food business. Do you have a great idea and a burning desire to start a food business, but don’t know how? This series will help turn your idea into reality.

  • Class 1: Concept (mission/vision/values)
  •  Class 2: Operating Models
  • Class 3: Consumer Packaged Goods & Food Service Models
  •  Class 4: Understanding Costs (cash/profit)
  •  Class 5: Operations
  •  Class 6: Marketing Communications
  •  Class 7: Financial Projections
  •  Class 8: Legalities & Resources
  •  Class 9: Funding your Company
  •  Class 10: Your Business Plan

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Advanced Food Business Entrepreneurship Training Academy

 This is an advanced 10-part business workshop series offered to a select group of food company owners (foodservice and food products) who seek higher levels of success in business.  Industry experts will work with your business fundamentals, including your strategic plan and operations, and will develop practical and measurable goals and plans of action.

Program Objectives:

  • Accelerate food entrepreneur businesses located in Alameda County
  • Help strengthen these businesses to grow faster, obtain capital, hire more workers and impact the community
  • Connect entrepreneurs to experts to advise the entrepreneurs regarding best practices and resources
  • Create a network for these businesses to receive technical assistance and peer advice during and after the sessions

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Past Courses and Seminars

America’s SBDC Annual Conference

Nashville Tennessee: Train the Trainer: How to Assist Restaurant Clients to Successfully Thrive.

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Food Craft Institute: Optimizing Your Food Business

Receive a copy of the handout from this seminar.

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I worked with the Co-Fed cohort to train food co-ops on University campuses across the nation on creating financial start-up budgets and proformas so that they had the financial tools necessary to succeed as well as serve great food on campus while learning to run a business.