What’s the first question??

spoon_fork | Culinary Business Strategy Blog
photo credit: geertcolp

I don’t know the question but I do know that the first answer is: Mission and Vision statements. These two become the core driving force of your business and nearly all of your waking hours. A mission and vision statement will become the guard rails from which all decisions and your success come from.

Okay okay okay, you’re thinking. You get the point.  Now that we’ve underscored the importance let’s take a look at what they are and more importantly how to get there.

A mission statement is no more than a few sentences which states the point of your business, your products, the affect (effect?) and purpose of the product and how it influences your customers, employees and community. In essence a mission statement describes your businesses reason for being.

The bottom line of a Mission statement is that it describes the businesses primary purpose an objective from an internal perspective.

When writing the mission statement be as simple as possible. For example: Susie’s diner serves great breakfast and lunch food. OR Susie’s Diner serves premium classic Americana breakfast and lunch fair to the Pittsburgh area.

This statement indicates that the food will be traditional American food but that it will also be high-end and therefore not a bargain or inexpensive by use of the word premium.


And a vision statement: what’s that? Well, I’m so glad you asked. Well, the vision, while closely related to the Mission but is in fact distinctly different. A vision statement also addresses the organizations primary purpose and objectives but from an external perspective which focuses on values rather than the bottom line.  The vision is the intention and guiding raison d’etre for the stakeholders. It’s the mission statement reorganized into the human factor of your business.

I write both by starting with stream of consciousness writing- just put it all on paper. Then start sifting to make sure that every word serves a purpose and every important component is included.
Give it a shot.  Let me know if you have any questions while writing your mission and vision. And if not send it to me, I’d love to read yours.