Restaurant Operations

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Sounds like a complex concept but in reality it is nothing more than how you actually run your business. How do you operate your business? Most commonly it is a reference to the production of your product. In the food and beverage industry that means producing food whether it is a consumer packaged goods or in a restaurant or catering company.
So, who cares? Why are operations a topic worth talking about? Well if operations are run like a system your life, the quality of your product and your business will be exponentially better. Pure and simple.

The most frequently used and recommended tools for optimal operations are;

1)      A recipe binder- enables consistent product. Important.

2)      An inventory and ordering guide- enables not running out of product which is very bad for building a well branded business. Also, not running out of product means that you won’t need to go buy product retail which is very bad for your COGS.

3)      Schedules- labor, cleaning and rotation. Makes life consistent and easy.