Restaurant Decorating Ideas for Your Brand

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photo credit: jakubson

By Deagon Williams

What are the best restaurant decorating ideas for your restaurant? How do you know what to linens to choose, what paint colors to pick, which chairs are the best style? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the selections, or you actually tempted to spend time on decorating instead of other things? The truth is, no matter whether decorating your restaurant is your least or most favorite task, by the time you get to the point of needing to do it most of these decisions have already been made- you just haven’t realized it!

The reason for this is that the decoration  or visual components on the walls of one’s restaurant are an extension of the restaurant concept which was translated into a brand identity and from a brand identity into the visual components of a restaurant. So, when it comes down to restaurant decorating ideas the questions is one of subtlety and personal preference within a very defined set of brand parameters. Yes, indeed it is not a questions of modern or classic, bright primary colors or subtle hues , bold or understated… nope. All of that was decided long ago in the brand development. All that decorating does it make the brand seamless and pervasive to the visual experience.

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