proposal for catering

I’ve often been asked about how to sort out the logisitics  on a proposal for catering. There are so many details that often slip through the cracks. Often the client and the caterer agree on the price of the food and then often think that it is a done deal.  Unfortunately, everyone has expectations that weren’t included in the price of food.

Therefore; my suggestion is to take a moment to think through the event and the big picture.  And then go from beginning to end of the event. This will allow you to see all costs associated with the catering.  For example, you’ll want to include the labor cost of packing the truck, the time that it takes to pace the rental order etc.

Secondly, I’d recommend getting a 50% on the day that the contract is signed and you have the day spoken for. Once the contract is signed you are committed and you need a deposit to hold the day. I’d then collect the remaining 50% the week before the event or the day before. However; I do recommend that money and invoices are not discussed the day of the event.  It’s their special day- let them enjoy it and feel well taken care. Our job is to help make that day as absolutely special as possible.