Little Window by Bicycle Banh Mi

“Deagon helped us turn big ideas into reachable and tangible goals. Her communications style is simple and very straightforward. This makes working with her incredibly easy. Every meeting starts with a list of goals and concludes with a list of to-dos. She follows-up every meeting with an email summary of what was discussed and the next steps. When I have questions or a business issue I’m trying to figure out, the best feeling is knowing I’m not alone.

“Deagon helped Bicycle Banh Mi develop our financial model. The process of developing this model laid a foundation for us to evaluate the viability of our business. Deagon guided us through a deep dive and exploration of our cost of goods sold (COGS). This opened the door for us to evaluate the items on our menu that weren’t profitable or financially feasible. Had we not done this, we wouldn’t have been able to analyze what was working and what was hindering us. Getting to this point was one of the most eye opening milestones in our business. The numbers tell a story of where we are now and where we want to be in the future.

“Within a given week, Deagon provides support on a wide range of business issues — financial projections, branding proposals, client engagement, growth strategies and customer issues. Her ability to cover a wealth of matters speaks to her depth of knowledge and experience.

“There are many challenges to being a business owner. There’s the feeling that you’re all alone, constantly second-guessing, overthinking and questioning ‘why I’m doing this’ and ‘what am I doing’. Deagon is someone I deeply admire professionally and personally. Beyond her role as a consultant, she knows how to offer support on all levels. She talks me down from my fears of failure and screwing up. No matter what my business may be going through, Deagon’s strength lies in her ability to establish true confidence in me and my business. It is with her time and expertise that Bicycle Banh Mi is able to map out our vision and build a framework for success that aligns with our mission and values.”